Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The honiest of bee's

This was done for a friend, and turned out not bad. There is a cuteness within the drawing that I think is present but not completely shining through. The whole thing turned out a little too anthropomorphic. I would like to do a second pass and maybe even paint it. I am not a fan of the redundancy of the word honey being on the jar/bucket I will definitely be removing that and just trying harder in general to really try and get the cute thing across.

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crylic said...

Hey buddy, I think some of the cuteness is lost in the face bee-cause (get it?) there are a lot of sharp corners in there, her cheeks, the back of the head and the top lip are full of sharp edges. I think if you soften her face up a bit, especially the lips, you'll get closer to what you want. I like this tho, I think it'd be cute to off set the nose a bit too, or maybe not so flat a shape, have it coming off her face a bit...well just imo. Looking good tho, should look great with some color...and bigger bewbies.