Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Old people make me LOL

Sometimes you just see things, and if you like art sometimes you wish you could captures those things or people. But you don't want to capture just a picture you want to capture it in a way that can hold all the character that you see within these people or places that a photograph might not always get.

The old Woman I ran into while I was jogging, I am not sure what had happened before I turned the corner, all I know is she was stalking something in her front yard from bush to bush. and man she was on a mission. In her floppy sandals clutching that broom to her breast ready to lay down a death strike on whatever poor little creature that set her off.

The second was actually kind of sad. While driving home I saw a old man in his rascal booting down the street. The rediculousness for me comes from the umbrella he was holding. It looked like he had just stole it from a clown and was trying to make a get away with it. He was soaked except for a little patch on the back of his shirt that the umbrella actually covered.

Funny things in my mind.

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