Sunday, December 10, 2006


Well the last 3 or 4 days my blog has been down for unknown reasons. I had to delete my links and change my template and email blogger but its back up and running, I hope I didn't lsoe anyone tothsi shitty circumstance. I will be replacing the links soon and posting in a bit. thansk to anyone who checks or links my blog I really appreciate it...

(c 0_o)-dan-


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I remember blogger being down for a bit on Sunday. I didn't lose any information though.

I'm glad you're enjoying Ottawa.

neven said...

Hey dude!

Glad to see you are having fun in Ottawa!
Keep posting and letting us know what you're up to.
Keep drawing too! Your stuff is really awesome!

We miss you around here!

Erika Worthylake said...

I got scared when I checked your page and all I got was a pile of cow shit yellow.

Glad it's back yo.

Chris Graf said...

dan, i miss you so much! you're the mole on my back that i always wanted to get rid of...but didn't.
your blog looks a lot like mine now...surprise surprise

disa said...