Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Concept shon-cept

Ok so here I am once again. been drawing alot the last couple of days, working on some folio peices. don't have one. thought maybe its time. so first task on the agneda... good ol character design.. whith a second hiddne purpose. its like a kinder suprise excpet wiht no shitty toy... or chocolate for that matter.they character design though lead into a little sotry board assignment im doing.. been thumbnailing all night. should be good..anyway I have lots of plans and very little time to accomplish none of them. so crack me another beer I have some drawing to do.

(c 0_o)-DAN-


Anonymous said...

I love these designs!

They look so solid!

Beans said...

That's awesome man!

The native dood rocks! I like the deep breath in shot! Really nice! Awesome pose too for the shooting part!

Keep it up!

E-mail me your address/ phone number would ya? I'm coming back home to Ontario for the holidays!

Kyle Marshall said...

yea i am really liking this indiana character

craig said...

sweet. Great expression in the little tribesman

Anonymous said...

Your blog is sweet! love the Mario Bros variations & thanks for the comments.

jimbo said...

great tribesman dude! sooo expressive.