Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Weird Years

So here I am, in ottawa. its a nice city, im right downtown. I wanna throw out some props to my buddy Marshall for giving me a place to crash, if u don't know im here to tell you, check out his blog in my links, hes a super talented guy.

So im wokring on a show right now called "weird Years" airs on YTV, not sure where else, for the new studio im at "Mercury Filmworks". Its a high quality show and demands some close attention to detail to get animation stuff approved on. I was worried at first, but I managed to do over quota my first week on the job, and it looks like this week will be the same. the biggest waves start wiht the smallest ripples.

anyway these are acouple doodles I did at work waiting for things to composite. man oh man art is the exact opposite from riding a bike, sure you may remember how to hold a pencil but without daily practise your skills will go no where. Bobby chui is a good guy to listen to, I found some of his tutorials wich aren't so much "how to do's" but more "watch me talk a philosiphies about the artist way". Great advice. But yeah three weeks out of it and im back.

im kicking around a story board idea. whith a "Indiana Jones" vibe to it, set in a more of Inca style time period, inspired by a "Tool" song lol. But since i am the worst person in the world for finishing stuff maybe I'll just stick to trying to draw everyday. anyway I have rambled for much to long, here is some art and I plan to be posting mroe often now that im slightly more settled.

(c 0_o)-DAN-


Beans said...




craig said...

Hey Dan,

Cool to hear your settlin in and things are going well! Really like the scale of the man creature in the bottom image. Epic. Made me think of Shadows of Colossus.

Andy said...

Way to go man, Weird Years is a great show! It's got that Mercury style permeating every shot. As for the drawings, I like that face in the lower left, very nice.

Chris Graf said... wowrk on wierd years? i always dig the huge dudes you draw. nice stuff.

Anonymous said...

Nice...this blog was gettin' Stayyyy-ale! Love the indy dude and the beasties. the indy dudes arm closest to us is killing the silhouette, bring that arm out.

cheers buddy!

Sam said...

Hey! Glad you're liking Ottawa, and good to see you're back at posting.
Nice sketches!!