Monday, April 20, 2009

Old favorites, and a new project

I loved Mortal Kombat as a kid and always enjoyed drawing the characters. Kabal and scorpion where my favorite. I drew thes two years ago and just recently did a pass over on them, I think Kabal will be my next painting project I see a lot of opportunity for cool lighting with that eye blast thing.


Chris Graf said...

my favorite part on both of these are the lines you didnt draw

Ramez said...

The first sketch is an awesome composition. Cant wait for a colored version.

Coop said...

Hi Dan, I really like your work and hope that this interests you and your readers.

I am attempting to amass a large collection of portraits of Frankenstein's Monster in as many different styles and in as many different media as possible as an ongoing art project. The only stipulation is that the size is 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches (standard artist trading card size) and that each card has name, date, location, title and anything else you care to add on the back.

I welcome cards from both amateur and professional artists.

I will be leaving blank cards with instructions and mailing address in galleries, colleges, art shops, on buses, handing them out in the street and wherever else I can think of.

If you think you can spare the time to produce a little something, please send a portrait to:

A Patchwork Of Flesh
45 Silversea Drive
Westcliff on Sea
United Kingdom

Each card I receive will be uploaded at to produce an on-line gallery, I then hope to put on an exhibition of these cards in a gallery.

Jared said...

hey. i remember these. didnt you draw them during work hours. heh. good times... anyway... cool. color em up.
hope everythings going good.

Kim Buck said...

hey man! thanks for the jelly beans!
these are wicked... totally need to draw some scorpion! i always had a crush on him as a kid... is that creepy?