Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bare knuckle Boxer

Wow I think I learned like a million things while doing this color is so fascinating. I was taught about light, shade, and highlights back in my Life drawing class, but when you are working in pencil rendering a drawing comes down to contrast and saturation of the tonal range of whatever pencil(s) it is you are using. Add color and suddenly the your options explode palette, saturation tones within in the color, all these things give you a endless amount of optional paths to choose from when painting, however, even with all these things there is still a right and wrong way of painting. When it all comes back to the way the light and color acts around the object you are painting there still must be a level of reality (with a realism approach) to the painting. I am in incredible disbelief right now, and to think the range of visible light the human eye can see is actually only a sliver of the entire light range, imagine if we could paint in infrared or the ultraviolet wave lengths. A work of art not only representing space, and light, but temperature as well. It would be cool to see a painting of a dessert and as your looking at it you beign to actually feel the heat eminating from it. Or maybe I'm just being a dreamer.

Anyways, if you feel you have some painting skillz that are better then mine, please gvie me some photoshop painting crits, I want to improve!!


Ramez said...

Ultraviolet painting will be a thing of the future. Along with new found color spectrums and electro-magnetic paintbrushes. Cool post.

Kyle Marshall said...

wow, you've been growing leaps and bounds the last month..........these are looking real good.

you enjoying it?

crylic said...

Yeah man, im with marshall. this is a huge step up, this piece in particular. The colors and lighting is great and the blood is a sweet touch. The arms feel a bit short even with the foreshortening, but it's cool. Looking at this I could give you a ton of tips and tricks that have made me a better PS artist, you seem to be coloring the exact same way I used to. Hit me up on MSN this weekend sometime and we'll talk PS. also the blog is looking sweet.

Josh Gay said...

Looking good Dan. keep plowing away, each piece is better than the last.