Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Girls, Orc, and Gradients


crylic said...

Well now, this is the Elder I like to see. Great orc man, fucking sweet pose and awesome attention to detail. Lovely proportions on that girl too, much better than the last few and nice lines on her as well, boner! I'd love to see some paint on her. And the last one is deadly too, awesome shapes, love that tail. No crits, all awesome! Keep 'em comin.

crylic said...

Fuck it, i got one crit. I think the orcs face could be a lot stronger. The eyes seem a bit floaty and not really planted in the skull...the mouth is cool, but overall I don't think its pushed enough, if you go from left to right it's really exciting, the pose is so great but then the face just feels tacked on, like you put less attention on it. Agree?