Saturday, September 13, 2008

A monster, some color. and equipment Woes

Color YAY!!!!!!. I went out and bought some water colors last weekend, been looking forward to experimenting. I feel like the artistic equivilant of a 21 year old college girl on spring break.

The castle thing was my very first attempt, trying to do some gradient cloud stuff. it failed. but thats ok. The monochromatic monster guy I like. I think Im going to fill the rest of the watercolor book with weird creations like this guy.

The heavy grays in the two pics is casue my scanner isnt a flatbed, so the raised lip causes those greys. I swear sometimes the world seems to be trying to beat me down. I do have the worse luck with technology. Someday I will get my shit straight but untill then it painting and aniamting the old school way.



marcobucci said...

cool designs man! Thanks for the comment.

pablo pablo said...

good sketches!

Barnard Cyrus said...

nice work

Ramez said...

lovely color. The first one has a nice feel, I dont think you failed at all.

Peter Breese said...

Love the comparison to the 21 year old, but not entirely sure it fits :). I think these are good fun and a nice exploration. What brand are you using?

I've always struggled to get the watercolors to read on my scanner.

HELENE J said...

I like your sketches very much !!!