Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Dear Tooya I HATE YOU!

So after 3 weeks of playing email tag with Tech support people from around the world from China to Canada I got a asnwer from the Tooya people about my tablet. They have no clue whats wrong with it, and wont return my money. I dont know what else to do the feeling of being blantely ripped off and receiving no support from the Tooya people pisses me off to no ends. In hopes of not having this post turn into a all out bitch fest I will say one last thing here.

Tooya you got my 250 dollars, but to anyone that reads this post know that this is a poor company with a poor product and even worse tech support, they dont care about what they sell or who buys it as long as they get your money. if you are in the market for a tablet buy anything else other then Tooya.

with that said, who wants a 250 dollar paper weight?


Ramez said...

face smashes usually sum up anger pretty well. Sorry for your situation.

marina le gall said...

Dommage que ce soit si court on en veut plus!!!!