Sunday, October 22, 2006


So work has started doing its weekly drawing jam thanks to the initative of Dan helle. hes in my links check him out. Redesign nintendo character so I went with the classic mario luigi, but tried to make them a bit more adult. and its one of the first times I completed a picture in color and sorta brought it more to a final finished state. i also drew a bowser which im going to try and color tonight but for now I'll update with this

(c 0_o)-DAN- Enjoy!!!


Andrew Doll said...

As a HUGE fan of the Mario Bros all I can do is drop my jaw in aw. I really love how you handled the color in this one...the attention to detail in the shading is what amazes me about this pic. Amazing piece Dan.

christian said...

Niiiiice!! Yeah, man, Mario is one of my favourite characters, love his videogames.
Great work, Dan, the pose and colors are awesome. Cool!!

disa said...