Monday, October 16, 2006

in the army...

K fuck it here are the colors I did. no point in hidind.. any constructive crits ppl might have are most definatly welcome

My ticket is booked. NOV 28th im in Ottawa. untill them I will be floating around fatkat helpin out here and there. I jsut got back from vacation and I hope to get back to drawing now that the overtime projects are done and HTF is done. and here is a little doodle I did today waiting for work... ahh i wish I was good with color. I had a version that had some greens laid in, but as ushual I overworked the peice and it ended up looksing sloppy and confusing.. so you guys only get the black and white sorry...maybe i'll woork mroe on it later


(c 0_o)-DAN-


craig said...

Hey Dan,

Cool to hear you're on your way to Ottawa to work at Mercury. I worked there and can say you'll find yourself amongst some great, talented people. Gerald's a good show. Good luck!

Kyle Marshall said...

whoaaaaaaaa, nice work. This drawing is solid mate.

Dave said...

Nice drawing, Elder! Cool idea and good contrast of personality :D

David Germain said...

When I first saw the title I thought you had been drafted for a second. You in the army??? Such a fate even the insurgence in Afghanistan doesn't deserve. ;) (Well, maybe a little).

I do like the uncoloured picture better. Maybe if there were more browns in the top picture it would compliment the green and give it more texture. The drawing itself though is solid and energetic and right on.

Chris Graf said...

looks good dood, you always pull out some crazy shit after a few days off;)
keep doin what ya do eh!

Cesare Asaro said...

I say… you are well on the way. Solid drawing, and fresh.

I’m no expert on color, but what seems to work for me is to work with tertiary or secondary colors and its complement, and resist the temptation to introduce one more color, use the pure hue for accent. This is what I picked up from reading and experimenting. Hope it helps

Once more, nice drawing.


bsleven said...

Hi Daniel,

Thank you so much for the nice comment you left on my blog. : )
I'm glad I checked out your blog, it's cool!
I really like your stuff, especially the minotaur.
: )

Alina Chau said...

cool characters!!

Keith Dury said...

Sweet jesus!

You do some great work!