Thursday, August 03, 2006


So I took a little trip last weekend to and came back to work with a new vitality for drawing. I have been drawing every night and finished my whole weeks quota in 2 days so I draw during down time at work... its crazy I feel like I have been reborn with art.
sincee I don't have any more sketch books, i gotta go out and buy a new one I have been drawing pretty much only in bic pen on computer paper and I am loving it... still trying to push the posing. I really like the poses for the legless monster and the weird trurtle man on wheels was inspired by that creepy fucking movie "Return to Oz" if you have never seen it, but like things morbid and macabre I suggest watching it..
Anyway I want more visitor at my blog and I have been trying to get ppl to stop by so Plz if you would be so kind as to leave a comment I would love to hear anything from anyone.. even if its just a "hi". thanks for reading and looking



pinky said...

I love the creatures

Daniel said...

Hey dude!

Really cool scketches you have here!

It's great to see what other people do besides the work.

Good on you for freeing up time for drawing! (I'm still working on that. lol!)

Have a good one!

Danarchy said...

k well you already know how i feel about these, but you need to rescan that beast, with so little detail it gets lost with the small scan...give it justice its soul...let it fly.

Danarchy said...

ANNNNNND you are posting as me again... thanks helle, the drawing itself isn't finished yet

Robin Hall said...

man these are wicked! I love drawing in bic pen but I find I have a hard time keeping things from smearing or rubbing -- the ink just gets on my hand and my sketches get covered in the stuff.

But that last page's pretty crazy!

Keith Dury said...

Holy snapping crap!

You been holding out on us! I love all of these. I think it's a great experimental fase. Make Erika's rendering skills run for the money.

UrbanBarbarian said...

Love your style! Great flow, movement and energy! You rock!!!

ken said...

yo mannnn love the energy in these drawings!! might try the old biro on paper too sometime

great work. Oh yeh.. return to oz... watched that as a kid... didnt sleep well after haha

Mark Behm said...

I absolutely love that little demon w the claws and tail!

Chris Hankewich said...

I really dig the graphic style you got going on there, duke.

the middle one is pretty sweet.

hank out!

Dave said...

Yeah these are so rad. I also love the creature with the Big horns and tail. Sweet movement and form in the arms!

RÃ¥nny said...

Wow, these are great sketches. You have such a nice variety too! Excellent blog :^)