Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sky poof 2

Well I know my blog doesn't get a lot of traffic but my last post received zero comments. I think its its cause of the lake of fireworks. You people dont understand how tedious these animations are to make. think about how many little specs of light their is in a single firework explosion.... now I present the blogger gods with not 2 but 3 fireworks in hopes that someone will stumble across my blog and give me work.


Edit: So on a look at the post the specs of light dont really show up... everything in there is just line work there have been no glows applied to these... I will have to do so me thinks


Lisa said...

well these bring me back to second years Pixie dust assignment...I'll never forget the constant tapping sounds from around the room and the cramp in my right shoulder...

They look great Dan, some day I'll learn flash and make my own! :P

Lisa said...

oh I wanted to add, I almost feel like the initial up-shoot of the 3rd firework is a bit slow. It kinda floats up to the spot where it explodes instead of rocketing to its spot. (know what I mean?) I was gonna say that when you posted the originally one but I figured I'd say it now :P

Chris Graf said...

as a fellow member of the 0 comments club i'm going to help you enjoy your 15. haha
the screen is small but i think i can faintly see the gold that is this post. the fireworks look great, and i love that little implosion sorta thing you did before the blast on the 3rd one.
great work

Jeremy said...

Yeah I don't think it's against your work. Looks great to me but everyone has moved on to facebook or something else. Even the more popular animation blogger blogs don't get many comments these days.