Sunday, June 13, 2010

Nerd time

I am a nerd. and one of the stipulations to being able to keep my nerd card is that I must partake in nerdy endevours. That being said, I enjoy vids! I appreciate the time and effort it takes to make a videogame and also the huge amount of conceptual art that it takes for said concept come to life. When I was younger I always wanted to be a part of that conceptual process and although currently I am involved in a differnt artistic industry in a different dept of that industry that doesnt have to do with design I must reside myself to drawing my own stuff on my own time, which is alright by me.

So lately I have been playing this RTS called "League of Legends" (if you check the game out and DL it use my email as a reference Its free to play and really cool. One of the gimics of the game is that it is being constantly updated wth new characters. I have written a lot now to come to this point. I have a tremendous amount of envy for the people that hold those concept design poitions at the company that makes the game and in true nerdy fashion I wanted to do some fan art in regards to the game... here is my attempt... line work right now, wil post some colour later.



Chris Graf said...

no clue what this games about...but that chick on the right is pretty rad. color on this would be very cool

crylic said...

Man, I'm loving this. That little bear guy is awesome! Can't wait for colors.

Collin Tsandilis said...
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Collin Tsandilis said...

awesome line work man!

Colour this asap.

Totally agree with you about concept artists. Iain McCaig is my damn hero. Check out his art book if you ever get a chance, it's called "Shadowline"