Saturday, November 28, 2009

We all start out with a vision.

I usually have something in mind when I start drawing and part of becoming a better artist is the ability of knowing whats in your head and how accurately you can transfer that vision onto paper.

I have known / struggled with this, as I'm sure all artists do, for a long time. Whats new to me is the painting process, I don't know what I'm doing, I just fool around and go by feeling. how does the light feel on the character considering where its source should be, so on and so forth. Whats crazy is how much can get lost in translation, if you will, between the line drawing and coloring something. Sometime it works out awesome sometimes it doesn't work out at all. I think this is a good example how not knowing what you're doing + overwokring something can in the end weaken the piece despite tripling the amount of hours you work on it.

So here is a girl line drawing, to base colors, to finish. In the past I painted in PS and have recently started painting a lot more stuff in Flash. this is not by choice. I have a tablet and PS at home, and a syntic and flash at work.. the syntic beats tablet all the time.


Marco Bucci said...

looks cool man - keep painting!

JuSeo said...

that is so true...i have problems with coloring too..check my work out!

Jared said...

you work on a syntic!? ugh, lucky bastard. I feel your pain with coloring though I like the water effect.
Hope alls well.