Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bracken wood inspiration.

One of my favorite film makers has to be Adam Phillips. His short films are rich in story and use flash animation in a very cool way. My favorite work of his is called "Brackenwood" which centers around a main character named "Bitey" and his journeys through everyday life in the world of "Brackenwood".

I would have to say the most stunning part of his short films are the FX, and if i'm not mistaken during his time at Disney that was the department he worked in. The link is to the first film in the "Brackenwood" series and in comparison to the later instalments is a little unpolished. But in its own right the film is still amazing and I watch it often when looking for inspiration.

I havent posted anything new in a while, and this post will be a exception. Because I think for anyone out there that is into indy animated films these are definatly some of the best out there. So watch, and I hope you enjoy as much as I do.


crylic said...

Very true. Brackenwood is outstanding. I've heard recent rumours that a feature is in the works.

Lets see some art, goddamnit!

milo said...

Definitely some awesome animation! Love it! Glad to see u post! Been waitin to see more of ur art. Hope alls well and lookin forward to seein more of ur work! ;OP