Sunday, August 26, 2007

Been A while

So I haven't had access to a scanner in a long time, and im sure anyone who use to check this blog has given up on me updating. which is ok. I'll start it again and I get a scanner on Wed, so i will start posting again and try to get my links wroking once again.

This is a sculpture I have been wroking on. Its hard to tell what it is from this angle. but it was the only picture I could get onto my comp without it crashing. I will try to uplaod more later. and hopfully get a good trun around of it when im done.

(c 0_o) Im back~I think


crylic said...

Well it's about goddamn time. This is lookin pretty cool man. I may have removed your slack ass from my links...but goddamnit i never gave up on you!

Glad to see you back bro

ps:your back in my links!

Ken said...

dude, its good to see you posting again!

I love sculpture... I cant make this out 100% but what I can make out looks good! nice scultping going on there!

GhettoFab said...

whooo hooooo!!! Hope this is the "return!!!"

Look forward to seein what comes after the scanner arrives!

Lee said...

bout time ya ass

can't wait to see more


courtney said...

this is incredible work! i love the swirly tentacles! amazing detail, keep it up! how do you preserve that medium once you've completed your sculpture? can you fire it, or does it just air dry?