Friday, September 01, 2006

Big Bad Blog Update Part1

First off I wanna plug my work as a animator. The Very first "Happy Tree Friends" short was released onto I-Tunes this last week. A show called "from Hero till Eternity" its the one of the first shows I wroked on, on the new lot of Happy Tree Friends shows. There will be a new short released at the end of every month till November... and the actual 22 minutes show premiers on G4TECH TV on Otober 2nd at midnight. Please go and download it, tell your friends, and ENJOY. Alright so I have still been drawing alot not really finishing antyhing jsut drawig at work and stuff. so I Love constructive Crits please leave them. anyone can feel free to link if the wish. im just another artist trying to get recognized.

PS. thansk to all who left comments you all push me, and drive me to be a better artist thanks you all.

(c 0_o)---DAN--_


David Germain said...

OOOH! An up angle. Those are damn near impossible and a pian in the ass to do. Milt Kahl himself even had trouble with those. Kudos to you for nailing it with that drawing.

crylic said...

good stuff dude, the tweaks to the warrior girl payed off , she is wicked cool, awesome anatomy as always!

Chris Graf said...

yes yes...the upshot is fantastic....nice subtle twist in the fav is the chick running. INSANE good! keep inspiring dude!

Kyle Marshall said...

hey bitch tits, i am takin a likin' to that top creature