Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Sketch for a Friend

A Friend asked me to do a sketch of her, so this is what ended up happening,. I tired to do it classical life drawing style, and it turned out terrible so on my second attempt going with a more comic booky approach I ended up with something slighty better.


Chris Graf said...

lookin wicked dude...i like the way you treated the hair...the eyelashes are almost as long as yours are!

milo said...

awesome work!! I can't wait to see more posts!!:O)

party for my enemies said...

I like how you drew the lips and the eyes are neat!

CarolineJarvis said...

Love the eyes on this chick! Love them.

Hey thanks for checkin out my site! Yeah there's a pretty great crew at Helix.... and your former fatkat pals are pretty rad. Don't know Graf but Kyle hooked me up with Helix. Giggidy Giggidy.

Looked like we swapped friends. your crew is my old party posse... just graduated from the college out there in June so I was always out with Neven, Jon, Pat, Gene and them crazy f*ckers haha....and I worked with Michaud at Wetsand. Small world!
See ya 'round pal! Cheers!